Berlusconi’s latest

Big news in the Anglosphere regarding Silvio Berlusconi’s latest remarks. At some public talk the other day, he referred to Margaret Thatcher as “una bella gnocca” which is an incredibly vulger way of complimenting a lady’s intimate anatomy. Note: unrelated to the food product, gnocchi.
As a bit of context, Berlusconi is famous for these sorts of ungentlemanlike outbursts. A few months ago, I saw a headline noting that, in the midst of some court proceedings, he told his opponents to “andate a quel paese“, meaning Go to Hell. Something you don’t see in America, as vulger as our public discourse can be.
Anyway, the Brits are fascinated and repelled by this latest. As wacky as it is, I think a bit is being lost in translation. This particular turn of phrase is most often used between guys as a way of pointing out a sexy woman, but also as a way paying the highest possible compliment based on other general factors. In this way, referring to a woman’s great sexual prowess is really only a metaphor for her other great assets. And certainly the great Iron Lady has those other “great assets” in spades.



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2 responses to “Berlusconi’s latest

  1. Dr Demento

    Your description of Baroness Thatcher as “late great” is only 50% correct. As usual, Mark Twain said it best—“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

  2. ariadisfida

    Mannagia. Well, you’re witnessing the result of a leftist history education. Correction duly noted. You don’t hear much from the lady these days, which I regret, but also note that this may be a certain mark of refinement. Whereas Former President Carter makes his absurd presence known even now, Ms. Thatcher seems to understand her time is over. I only wish her time wasn’t over.

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